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Elite Negotiation Skills Seminar: Driving Success in High-Stakes Deals

Close High Stakes Deals And Turn Win-Lose Scenarios Into Win-Win Outcomes. Guaranteed.

Without Compromising Your Profit Margins or Relationships.

I’m about to show you the same techniques I use to turn buyers trying to snatch your profits, into collaborators.

Without fighting back. Or giving up your profit margins…

So you can save your company millions of dollars a year, and make them millions more.

I’ll teach you literally everything you need to become an elite negotiator, capable of closing deals faster and more profitably.

Elite Negotiation Skills Seminar: Driving Success in High-Stakes Deals

Close High Stakes Deals And Turn Win-Lose Scenarios Into Win-Win Outcomes. Guaranteed.

Without Compromising Your Profit Margins or Relationships…

I’m about to show you the same techniques I use to turn buyers trying to snatch your profits, into collaborators.

Without fighting back. Or giving up your profit margins…

So you can save your company millions of dollars a year, and make them millions more.

I’ll teach you literally everything you need to become an elite negotiator, capable of closing deals faster and more profitably

Dear Sales Leader,

Picture This.

A shocked sales executive standing speechless before his customer.

The customer asks for a 25% discount. And gives the executive an ultimatum…

“Take it or leave it.”

Taking it would mean giving up his entire profit margin.

Leaving it would mean damaging a long-term relationship and losing an account your company cannot afford to lose.

Many untrained negotiators don’t know how to react. And give in to the customer.

They’ve closed the deal but potentially lost millions of dollars in revenue.

This happens all the time. 

Aggressive buyers come out swinging. And try to back sales people into a corner with hardball tactics:

“Our CFO wants 5% additional discount”

“We have an offer for half that rate.”

“This is our company policy. It’s non negotiable”

“Our CFO wants 5% additional discount”

Will your salespeople handle it? Or will they fold?

Will they allow themselves to be bullied and outmaneuvered – or will they block their customer’s attacks…

Get them to come over to their side of the table…

And agree to a deal that they LOVE (but more often than not maximizes your company’s profit margins)?

And that’s why I’m here. I’m going to teach your sales teams to do the latter. That is…

Close more high-stakes deals. Faster and More Profitably.


My name is Samer Abou Daher. For the last 22 years, I’ve worked as a sales leader, negotiating countless contracts in a volatile market.

My experience in the fast-paced, fiercely competitive, and price-sensitive food industry has sharpened my negotiation skills to a razor's edge

(In this industry, every deal is a high-stakes game where profit margins are thin, competition is fierce, and the slightest misstep can cost millions)

I save and MAKE my company millions of dollars a year through my mastery of high-stakes sales negotiation tactics.

I've negotiated successfully with some of the biggest companies in the world. Household names that, due to confidentiality clauses, I can't reveal.

But if you've flown on major airlines, spread butter on your inflight bread roll, and relished some delicious cheese with your meal, then I've probably had a hand in the deal.

Equally valuable is the training I received from a world-renowned hostage negotiator – which not just made me more effective in any high-stakes situation…

But most importantly, taught me that negotiation is a scientific process.

There is a methodology behind it. 

When to tell and when to ask…

When to pause…

The use of ‘strategic silence’ while negotiating.

And today I want to teach your sales teams my proven, time-tested strategies that give them an edge in any negotiation, helping them close more profitable deals.

And today I want to teach your sales teams my proven, time-tested strategies that give them an edge in any negotiation, helping them close more profitable deals.

I’ll teach them how to:

Maintain their cool when emotions run high and tempers are close to breaking point.

Remaining calm helps them make better decisions when stakes are high. 

They don’t want to make a wrong move when millions of dollars are at stake. Or when the loss of a relationship could jeopardize their company’s future.

Listen actively (instead of just hearing spoken words). Understand what’s said and not said…

And use this to influence their buyer into making decisions that work well for both parties.

Resolve differences before they grow into conflicts. Stay calm and focused to…

Ease tense situations, making negotiations smoother and preserving relationships.

By maintaining your composure, you help everyone feel at ease, making it easier to find common ground and reach a positive outcome. 

This way, both sides walk away satisfied, keeping your professional relationships strong and healthy.

Master the art of tactical empathy…

so that you understand your buyers’ underlying motivation, identify their needs, and serve them better. 

This builds trust and rapport, making it easier to reach win-win agreements.

Think out of the box. 

This skill helps you look at problems from different angles and find creative solutions that work for everyone – instead of simply pushing forward without a plan.

Why is this important ?

Look, skipping this training means missing out on the strategies professional negotiators use, leaving them vulnerable to these common mistakes:

Negotiating with Themselves: 

Even experienced salespeople make this mistake. They assume the customer won’t agree to their price. So they offer a discount right off the bat.

But what if the customer was willing to pay more than what the salesperson offered?

Or, what if the customer asks for a further discount? Just to see how far you could be pushed?

This is what we call ‘negotiation by default’ – no process, no methodology.

In reality, your sales teams should be ‘negotiating by design’ and following a proven process. (Don’t worry, I’ll teach you how.)

Negotiating with Their Managers: Spending hours persuading their manager or you to approve a 15%-20% discount when they should be negotiating directly with their customers.

Often, salespeople spend more time negotiating internally than with their customers.

Imagine the impact on your EBIT at the end of the year if they could negotiate even a 3% better margin with their customers.

Selling instead of Negotiating: Going into ‘selling mode’ when they should be in ‘negotiation mode’.

Many inexperienced negotiators slip into 'selling mode' when they should be in 'negotiation mode'.

When faced with pressure to negotiate, they default to talking about their product or service – essentially, they "tell".

Professional negotiators, "ask". They ask the right questions to identify the customer's needs and use that information to reach an agreement that satisfies the customer (and maximizes your profitability). 

A true win-win scenario.

Losing Emotional Control: When you let your emotions get the better of you, you stop thinking rationally.

You might even counterattack and trade punches. And risk damaging your reputation, losing money, and pissing off your boss.

Ineffective Use of Silence: Not using strategic pauses, missing opportunities to apply pressure and get more information from the other party.

Ignoring Tactical Empathy: Not understanding and addressing the emotions and perspectives of the other party, which prevents building trust and finding common ground.

Not knowing how to walk away from a bad deal: Damaging relationships shuts the door on any future negotiation opportunities.

Lack of Strategic Concessions: Making concessions too quickly or without getting something in return, weakening their negotiation position.

Failing to address these issues can result in millions of dollars being left on the negotiating table without your knowledge…

And might even lead you to reward the wrong negotiations, encouraging more of the same results.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Your sales teams can become elite negotiators with a strong belief in their ability to maximize deal value and achieve win-win outcomes…

In just 240 minutes.

That’s why I am so stoked to introduce you to…

The “Elite Negotiation Skills Seminar: Driving Success in High Stakes Deals.”

A 4-hour in-person seminar that gives your sales teams the ability to think several steps ahead, anticipate potential obstacles, and craft a winning negotiation strategy.

In fact… it’s not just for your sales teams.

It's for you, your manager, the CEO, or anyone looking to master high-stakes negotiations.

“The seminar introduced me to the Negotiation Matrix. I used these strategies to close a major deal and avoided giving away 60,000 AED in discounts.”

- Reem El Houni

Managing Director, Ti22 Films FZ LLC

“Working with you has been an incredible investment for us. For every AED 1 we put in, we saw a return of AED 17. Thanks to his expert strategies and guidance, our team has already closed over AED 1 million in sales this year. The impact on our bottom line has been phenomenal, and we are excited to see how much further we can go.”

- Sushil Mathew

Head of Sales, Profound

“Your’s killer strategies have completely transformed my negotiation game. In just six months, I generated AED 250,000 from only 20 sales. I can’t wait to see the results by the end of the year – the potential is limitless!”

- Sana Azhar

Client Relationship Manager, Profound

Here’s What Your Sales Teams will Learn 
in This 3-Hour Seminar:

How to find out if the deal they’re about to sign will actually make your company money.

Imagine discovering that the multi-million dollar deal your salesperson signed a year ago was actually a loss...

It cost your company millions at the time and will continue to do so.

It's as if you're paying the client for giving you the order.

This session shows you exactly what to do so that the profit that’s rightfully yours, ends up in your bank account, not your customer’s.

How to stop negotiating with themselves or with you, and instead, focus on negotiating with their customers.

Many untrained negotiators offer discounts that wipe out margins, or seek your approval for hefty discounts.

The last thing you want is your CFO asking:

“Where's the profit? Where are the millions we made on these deals? All I see is RED.”

In this session, I teach your sales executives how to handle clients' hardball tactics … and give them a clear process to confidently close crucial deals – while maximizing their value.

The difference between Selling and Negotiating

Negotiating starts where selling ends.

I’ll teach your sales teams what to say at the negotiating table, when to say it, and how to say it…

So that they always maintain their customer’s respect while establishing their credibility.

Trading punches with buyers who try to bully you won’t get you far.

But what if you could uncover your customer’s true motivation and focus on that?

This session will show your salespeople how… transforming your customer from trying to steal their lunch, into a partner working with them to craft a win-win deal.

Why Warning are better than Threats

Threatening tactics often lead to lose-lose situations where both parties walk away unsatisfied.

What if your salespeople could reframe threats respectfully and professionally?

While showing the customer that their way is best?

This is exactly what I’ll teach them in this session. 

Leading the Negotiations from the driver’s seat

I’ll show your teams how to master the art of talking less and listening more, allowing them to steer the conversation exactly where they want it to go.

This approach builds trust and rapport, making it easier to reach a win-win agreement.

Ten Hardball Negotiation Tactics and how to handle them 

Hardball tactics can put salespeople in a losing position.

Most will either fight back, call you for help, or give in, handing over all your profit to the customer.

This session trains your sales teams to think like chess grandmasters, staying several steps ahead and outmaneuvering any attempt to back them into a corner.

How to step away from bad deals

Today's bad deal might lead to tomorrow's good one. Keeping the door open preserves potential future business opportunities.

This session shows your teams how to back away gracefully without slamming the door shut.

The Magic Phrases that win you Negotiations 

Imagine yourself calmly listening to a buyer pushing back hard. 

Imagine knowing exactly what to say, how to say it, and when to say it.

Imagine saying it in a way that puts the ball deep into their court so even if they return it… it’s game, set, and match for you.

Keep in mind, this is not a theoretical seminar where I lecture and you take notes.

This is hands-on, practical training where you actively learn, engage with your peers, and practice and refine your negotiation skills.

Refine Your Skills With Hands-On Group Activities

1. Planning & Preparation for Winning Negotiations:

Prepare a list of customer demands that can potentially 10X your profit with minimal cost to them. 

Practice presenting them to the group

2. Magic Phrases:

Practicing these powerful phrases with the group boosts your confidence and skill as a high-stakes negotiator.

So when you start negotiating, your customer recognizes your expertise, and mentally waves the white flag, knowing he’s up against a seasoned professional.

“Elite Negotiation Skills” has garnered amazing compliments from our students

“Thank you. Your strategies have truly transformed my approach to negotiations. In just six months, I achieved incredible results, generating AED 470,000 from only 13 clients. I’m excited to see what the future holds as I continue to apply what I’ve learned.”

- Maria Faylogna

Business Consultant, Profound  

“The client (a leading bank) initially pushed back on our $30k offer, claiming it was too high. Through negotiation and selling on value, we ultimately closed the deal at $40k.”

- Ammar Khayyat


If this sounds good and you’d like to up your negotiation game, now’s the time.

Skipped to the bottom so you didn’t have to read this long sales page? 
Not to worry, here’s the “cut-to-the-chase” version:

I’m inviting you to join my ‘Elite Negotiation Skills Seminar’, where I’ll teach you, give you, and share with you everything you need to Win High-Stakes Deals Without Fighting, Counterattacking, or Compromising Your Profit Margins or Relationships.

So what’s the price, Samer?

Given the millions of dollars that you’ll be able to not only save, but make for your company after going through this seminar…

I could easily charge AED 10,000 for this.

And if you work with me 1-on-1, that’s what you’ll do. 

But you’re not going to come anywhere close to that today. 

In fact, I'm not even going to charge you AED 5000. Or AED 2500 for that matter.

I’m going to give it to you for AED 1292.

I’m doing this because I believe that every salesperson should have these skills and want to make it drop dead easy for you to say ‘Yes’. 

I’m confident that if you come along to the seminar and apply everything you learn, you’re going to make 10X that back in commissions from one deal

…Plus millions of dollars more going forward.

These are timeless, proven strategies. I’ve used them for the last 22 years and they’ve always brought me the results I wanted.

But here’s the thing. We only have a few seats left and although we’re closing registrations at midnight on July 14… I’m 100% confident that we’ll be sold out before then.

So please reserve your spot while this page is still available.

Plus, with my risk-free, iron-clad guarantee, you have nothing to worry about.

If you attend the seminar and feel we haven’t delivered on our promises, let me know, and I'll issue a prompt and courteous refund.

No questions asked

So…are you ready to take your negotiation skills to the next level and achieve extraordinary results?

Click the link below to register now and secure your spot.

Here’s a list of questions I figured you might ask.

Is this a live event? 

Yes, this is a live event taking place on July 15, 2024.
Venue : Ballroom at Grand Millenium Hotel Barsha Heights (Tecom)
Address: Exit 36 -Sheikh Zayed Rd-Barsha Heights-Dubai

 What if I miss this event? 

Don’t. This is a live event and will not be recorded.    
As a sales leader, you know that relying solely on strategy and tactics isn't enough.   
Without the right negotiation skills you risk leaving behind millions of dollars on the negotiation table… money that should be going into your bank account, not your customer’s.

Why did you increase the ticket price to AED 1292?

The price was set to double after the early bird offer expired on July 10. However, I wanted to reward those who booked early with lower prices, so I set it at AED 840. Now, with only a few seats left, I’ve returned the price to the original AED 1292.

What is the refund policy if I am unable to attend?

Please contact us by calling +97143995674 or email [email protected]


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